In contrast to the trend in certain contemporary art that is insipid, arid, cold and absolutely grammatical, Sérgio Rabinovitz´s art reintegrates us into the pleasure of the text; the delight of interacting directly with an esthetically structured object in which technique is allied to/with the inventive to develop a lively and seductive human discourse. His mastery in manipulating colors and careful/attentive/mindful selection of theme are two touchstones that are immediately underlying in the soul/essence/at the core of this painting bent toward the values of Eros; denying the mortification of this necrophilic, end-of-the-century society; opting for the playful, for joy, for warmth/ardor/vivacity/animation, for life – they are not simply canvases, they are live beings that attract; that illuminate, for they have their own radiance/shine/brilliance generated by Sérgio Rabinovitz´s skillful virtuosity at the service of his vivid and questioning/restless creative talent.

(Ildásio Tavares)