Notwithstanding my joy – almost exultation! – with the invitation, I can´t/don´t know how to present SÉRGIO RABINOVITZ. The truth is, even though knowing and loving his work, I would not dare disturb him (or his art) with pointless critical analyses and reflections; any words here would be inopportune, would defile the purity and simplicity essential to his profession as craftsman occupied with discovering and revealing other (new) beauty.

Besides this, SÉRGIO is more than present to our sight/vision that comes to help liberate and cleanse us from the aesthetician artificialities that block the contemplation and vivacity of art. Something that pleases and tranquilizes me as I write here: SÉRGIO doesn´t need any intermediary. He presents himself by himself, shines with his own light (color?), directs himself without detours to our free eyes, that (our) primitive heart, almost lost – heart that´s naked and stripped of the uselessness of ornamentation, heart/blade-animal – mirror that reflects all and withholds nothing.

With SÉRGIO the present appears in each gesture, this present that you can only grasp with liberty, the spontaneity and naturality of a gaze REAL/LY deconditioned to the conventions that impede the free movement and free enjoyment of painting as the practice of purification and elevation of the life of man. I repeat: in the middle of this path SÉRGIO is a (lovable) stone of the Zen garden.

If I dared to present him I´d say that I simply want to benefit from him – with you; that it´s indispensable to see him. This is not little: it´s everything and it´s plenty, in fact. The rest is silence, it´s love him and leave him – free and unhindered as he is – bringing us the soft subtleties of his gestures, the deepest of the delicacies, the essential finesse, watch him and admire him saying, doing and, above all, pleasing our humanity with his liberty without myths, his great initiating power, his immense knowhow.

SÉRGIO, so simple! To move someone is like seeing.
– who kisses your hands with all my love.