In the development of Sérgio Rabinovitz´s work I have observed the seeking and domination of form, instead of allowing it to be lost in nuances and textures.

Calligraphic strokes, visual symbols of intense clarity, define the ancestral manner of expression and communication.

The use of color in his work accents and separates the internal and primordial elements in the visual field.

The symbology encountered by Sérgio brings to the spectator as well as the artist a form of pleasure and tranquility / relaxation / repose / rest, showing us how we should learn to read and interpret our symbols, which for a long time have been locked up and repressed by the paraphernalia of mass communication.

These lines and elements are seen through man´s pure sight because we are/make up part of them.

Visibly/Seemingly you cannot differentiate Sérgio Rabinovitz´s visual strokes from the drawings made by primitive man, for here resides/lies the infinitesimal advancement/progress of civilizations, but you can discover the yearnings of a future civilization.

It belongs/is up to him this search for contemporaneity / contemporaneousness.
/ Belonging to him is this search for the contemporary.
Salvador, July 3, 1980
Mario Cravo Neto