Calligraphic Primer

of the relaxed shine on the wing of the drawn bird,
of the trail of ideograms encircling,
and for this rises up in a flight always human and valid.
when the artist emphasizes the power of gesture
such ancestral culture in drawing in caves
or replacing on the paper of technology
the countenance of God recreated.
of the essential colors, decisive and strong,
this graphic and definitive humanism
has from the wisdom of the Chinese the taste
for the minimal and practical,
and the summary of nature without uncertain destiny.
the artist is just this, the castaway,
there´s no trace of an island in the sea
it floats in the fast-paced creation
in a ritual of loving, of life.
in this case it wasn´t only navigator
who got lost from the mothership, the sail´s turn
and to draw because it knows the wide space
in which it imagines itself to be transparent and unfurled.
the fine ideology of this art preoccupies
the beast, and not the captive´s time,
in the fierce glow of these saber teeth
is hiding a madness without live violence,
for the complexion of magic inhabits everything in it,
ever since the prehistoric gesture inherited
when man only spoke around the fire

(Bené Fonteles)